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Brian, a simple shovel salesman, thinks Alice is the girl of his dreams, but she’s the stuff of nightmares: a shape-shifting alien bent on destroying the human race through sheer reproductive power. Brian soon gives birth to a half-human infant, the first of an alien master race. With the help of a psychotic private detective and an archaeologist with a mysterious past, Brian races to save the world from certain destruction. But as the bond between mother and child grows, will Brian be capable of making the ultimate sacrifice to save his species?




“‘People Like You’ holds an interesting story line with an even more interesting narrative to fall back on. And, with a compelling background score presented by Dillon M. DeRosa.”

“‘People Like You’ is challenging, provoking and an audio-visual treat to those who consider movies to be beyond just entertainment.”

“Music 5/5 Stars!” -ISM

Indie Shorts Magazine, INDIE SHORTS MAG.

‘People Like You’ Unveils The Dirt Behind A Family’s Inheritance… -ISM